What do the little coloured ribbons mean on the back of my pads?

They’re colour coded according to absorbency.
Liners = White
Light = Pink
Moderate = Purple
Heavy = Blue
Super Heavy = Mint Green


How do I look after my pads?

Simply soak in water (they say cold prevents blood from staining but I’m not entirely convinced) and if you like, add a little detergent. Blood should leech out into the water on it’s own then you can squeeze the excess water and blood, rinse and repeat until you are happy with how much blood is left in it.

Then simply add to your laundry with the rest of your clothes and they should come out lovely and clean again.


Why don’t you brand your products with some sort of tag?

Several reasons for this. Primarily, personally I find them quite irritating against the skin (I’m a bit sensitive). I also like to keep costs down so I can keep buying lovely fabrics to make cute clothes and pads. This business is more of a hobby, so it is already costing a fair bit in materials and let’s just say I’m not paying myself very much at all to make these lovely things for you!


You don’t seem to have very many products. When can I expect to see more?

Firstly, I work around 30hrs a week in a regular paying job – this pays the bills and for my hobbies as well as trying to save for extras on the side. Secondly, I’m a mum of 3 gorgeous girls, the youngest being still a toddler. Kids and the manchild of the house take up the bulk of my free time and so that means I’m very limited with the amount of time I get to sew. You can contact me to make a special request if you would like to see a particular item and I can either make it as a custom order, or you can wait and see if I actually get round to making it!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes!!! Just a couple of major destinations like New Zealand, US, Canada and UK. Send me a message if you live in another destination and would like to order from me!


How much is shipping?

$8.50 flat rate within Australia! Buy as much as you like and you won’t pay any more than that!